Jillian and Craig | Sone Bridge Engagement Manassas, VA

I’m really looking forward to Jillian and Craig’s wedding at Bluemont Vineyard in July! They are such a sweet couple, and we had a great time walking around Stone Bridge Park and getting to know each other. I loved listening to them talk about their travels and all of their knowledge about wine! I was so impressed! Here are a few of my favorites!

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Brittany and Scott | Annapolis Engagement Session

I was so excited to start my season off with Brittany and Scott’s engagement session in Annapolis, Maryland. What a beautiful city! Brittany and Scott are so much fun, and I really enjoyed walking around and getting to know them. They’re planning a November wedding at one of the most beautiful venues… I truly can’t wait! Here are just a few of my favorite images from their session!

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Dell | Six Months Old!

DellSixMonths01DellSixMonths16 DellSixMonths07DellSixMonths21 DellSixMonths19DellSixMonths55 DellSixMonths62 DellSixMonths51DellSixMonths36 DellSixMonths40DellSixMonths71DellSixMonths24Nate and I love this family so much! They’re such great friends of ours, and we fell in love with Dell the day he was born. It was so fun to capture him as a newborn, and I can’t believe how much he’s grown. His smiles are THE BEST (those teeth!!) and he’s such a little lover! I adore how much he lights up when his parents are around! And the feeling is clearly mutual. There’s a reason that I call this babe, “my little boyfriend.” Love you all! XO!

Lena | Six Months Old!

Lena04Lena09Lena12 1Lena26Lena29Lena35Lena71 Lena76Lena70 Lena68Lena47I just LOVE this family! And It’s been so fun to watch them grow! I can’t wait until the next session! XO!

Devan and Drew | Old House Vineyards Wedding


I had such a wonderful time at Devan and Drew’s wedding this past April! Old House Vineyards is so beautiful and the ceremony felt so magical with the aisle being across the pond and their vows being exchanged on the island in the center. The weather was absolutely perfect and the sky did not disappoint the entire day . I loved watching Devan and Drew interact with one another. Their love is so apparent, and my favorite moments included Drew adoring Devan during all of their portraits and the way that they sang to each other during their first dance. What’s even more exciting is that they’re expecting a baby girl this September! And I don’t think her little bump could have been any cuter! The dance floor was never empty, and it was so great observing everyone enjoying this wonderful couple. Congrats to Devan and Drew! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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Venue: Old House Vineyards

DJ: CJ tha DJ

Catering: Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ Company

Florist: Middleburg Floral Gallery

Cake/Cupcakes: Cupcakes in The Park

Signage: Tickled Pink

Dell | Newborn Session

It has been so much fun for Nate and I to watch so many of our close friends and family have babies recently.  Jon, Kathleen, and Nate have been friends for many years, and I was just lucky enough to become a part of their friendship once Nate and I started dating. It’s been fun watching Jon and Kathleen’s journey and now they’re parents! Awesome ones at that! We were able to visit them a week after Dell was born and he’s everything you would expect and more! Sweet, snuggly, and has that amazing baby smell! I was obsessed with him. And I still squeal over every photo Kathleen sends or posts. He’s absolutely incredible. It seriously took everything in me not to blog 50 photos. Because believe me, I could have!

Nate and I arrived on a Saturday afternoon, so I took a few photos of him that evening…

IMG_3814IMG_3889 IMG_3921bw IMG_3943bwThe next morning I was able to capture Dell, in his AMAZING little hat from Shey Marie Designs, with his parents and his “brother.” I loved being able to see even more of his personality shine through. I had a little bit of fun editing with film filters for a few of these!


IMG_4011film IMG_4028-filmIMG_4057film IMG_4049filmIMG_4137filmIMG_4224filmIMG_4250filmIMG_4254filmIMG_4326

Last one! (insert squeal)



Kim and Adam | Antrim 1844 Wedding Taneytown, MD

I have discovered a new love affair for winter weddings! I love how romantic they are. There is something about gray skies and a little snow on the ground that feels so whimsical to me! I had such a wonderful time with Kim and Adam at their engagement session, so I just knew that their wedding was going to be fabulous! I loved the simple elegance of their details, and everything just looked so beautiful together. Antrim 1844 was perfect and sweet… it even had a wood burning fireplace in the reception area. Though it was freezing outside, everything felt so warm and cozy. It was really hard to narrow these down, but here are some of my favorites from the day!

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Kim and Adam decided to do a first look and we had an awesome amount of time for portraits! It was great!

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Kim, you are stunning!

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Their ceremony and reception areas were covered in candles. It was a dream!

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We were able to step back out for a few more photos. Isn’t Kim’s shawl incredible?!

15143434sneak peek 1716Adored the centerpieces!

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Last one!


Congrats Kim and Adam! :)

Caterer: Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel

Florist: Scentsational Florals

Baker: Enchanted Cakes and Treats

DJ: Scratch DJs

Makeup/Hair: Hair – Corry

Makeup :Val Hammer

Videographer: Bradley Images

My Hiatus, Our Wedding, and to the Single Girl… | Personal


Okay, so I’ve been a little bit MIA. Okay… a lot a bit! Working two jobs and planning a wedding made it feel impossible to blog. I had to make editing the photos and getting them to my clients on time a priority over blogging. I miss blogging though, I really do. I still love posting sneak peeks on my Facebook page, but I miss expressing my love for my clients, their weddings, and their families. Now that the wedding is over, I guess what I’m trying to tell you is, get ready to see Lauren Gay Photography back on your newsfeed! I plan on blogging some before we leave for our honeymoon, the day after Thanksgiving

I figured it would be fitting to make my first blog post back about our wedding. November 2nd was the prettiest day. Look, I know I’m biased, but seriously! It was gorgeous outside! During our year and a half of planning I would always say to Nate, “65 and sunny would be perfect!” Sure enough, it was 65 and sunny. Maybe even a little warmer. I woke up at 5 am because I couldn’t sleep. I tried taking a bath, tried writing my vows… (Yes, Nate and I may or may not of written our vows the day of!) I even texted Nate. Who, to my surprise, answered. I begged him to hang out with me. I said, “Can’t we at least go get breakfast together!?” I was so nervous. And all I wanted to do in that moment was be with him. He actually told me, “No.” I think his exact words were along the lines of, “I know you like this whole ‘non-traditional’ thing, but I’d really like to wait and see you until our first look. I love you.” So the entire morning I was surrounded by women I love. We got our hair and make-up done, I cried a little (a lot), my mom made a sweet toast, we listened to music, ate yummy food, laughed a bunch, and just enjoyed loving each other. While some brides can be nervous before their first look, I was just impatient. I just wanted to see him… I wanted to kiss and hug him. I couldn’t wait for it to be here. And when the moment came it was more than anything I could have ever imagined. We both cried, and laughed, and kissed a million times. I was so happy. Our ceremony was sweet and personal. Saying our own vows felt amazing. Nate completely dominated me by the way. His completely blew me away! My cousin played and sang one of our favorite songs.  Our reception was a blast! We did a choreographed dance to “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. (I’m still waiting to get on Ellen!) We had an incredible band and we danced until the very end. It really was the perfect day.

I somehow tricked my friend Kristen Gardner into being my bridesmaid and our photographer. I just couldn’t imagine her not taking photos of Nate and I. So, with the help of her hubby, and Susan, they somehow made it happen. I cry each time I go to her blog post. So, go on over there and take a look! She’s incredible. (Love you, Kristen!)

I have one final thing to say… to the single girl. To the girl that’s sitting at home with a broken heart, to the girl that’s dating a guy that’s just not that into her, and even to the girl that isn’t quite sure what she believes in when it comes to love. I’ve been you. And I want to tell you this, don’t give up on love. As cheesy as that sounds, I promise you that amazing men do exist. There are men out there that will love you and respect you… they will make you laugh, they will love dancing with you, and they will even tell you why they adore you daily. I promise. So set some standards, remind yourself of the beauty you hold and show it. You’re worth it. You have something amazing to offer. And I promise you, a good man will come into your life. And sometimes, SOMETIMES, they end up being that cute boy you met in middle school who was right there all along….


Mercedes and Lenny | Engagement Session

I’m really looking forward to this couples wedding July! I met Mercedes and Lenny in Old Town Warrenton, and I loved watching the two of them interact. They even brought along their awesome dog, and Mercedes friend Caitlin was nice enough to assist. (Thank you, Caitlin!) Mercedes and Lenny are both as sweet as can be, and it is so obvious that they are the perfect match! Mercedes and I actually went to high school together, so it was a lot of fun to catch up. It was FREEZING outside, but Mercedes and Lenny were troopers! I mean, how cute are they!?



Zoe is such a sweetie! Her big brown eyes and gorgeous curls were almost too much for me to handle. :) I loved getting to know her and her family. One is such a cool age, and I enjoyed watching her crawl around, giggle, and read her book. It’s always so tough to narrow down photos, especially of little ones, but meet Zoe!

IMG_4528bwIMG_4521 IMG_4690 IMG_4910 IMG_4903 IMG_4875 IMG_4866 IMG_4848 IMG_4823 IMG_4961 IMG_4959 IMG_4939 IMG_4996 IMG_5001bw IMG_5023 IMG_5017 IMG_5029 IMG_5051 IMG_5063 IMG_5134 IMG_5131 IMG_5107 IMG_5285