Piper | Newborn

One of my best friends had a baby girl in April and I am still just so elated! Piper is absolutely beautiful, and I just loved watching Devin and Curt as parents. I loved every moment they shared as a family of three, but also watching each of them bond with Piper individually. She is just such a lucky little girl and I love her so much!


Audrey | Newborn Session

I was so excited to photograph Audrey a couple of weeks ago! She is such a little doll, and it was so fun for me to watch her with her new and excited parents! I photographed Kim and Adam’s wedding, so I always love being able to witness my clients become parents! It was hard to narrow down, but here are a few favorites!

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Dell | Newborn Session

It has been so much fun for Nate and I to watch so many of our close friends and family have babies recently.  Jon, Kathleen, and Nate have been friends for many years, and I was just lucky enough to become a part of their friendship once Nate and I started dating. It’s been fun watching Jon and Kathleen’s journey and now they’re parents! Awesome ones at that! We were able to visit them a week after Dell was born and he’s everything you would expect and more! Sweet, snuggly, and has that amazing baby smell! I was obsessed with him. And I still squeal over every photo Kathleen sends or posts. He’s absolutely incredible. It seriously took everything in me not to blog 50 photos. Because believe me, I could have!

Nate and I arrived on a Saturday afternoon, so I took a few photos of him that evening…

IMG_3814IMG_3889 IMG_3921bw IMG_3943bwThe next morning I was able to capture Dell, in his AMAZING little hat from Shey Marie Designs, with his parents and his “brother.” I loved being able to see even more of his personality shine through. I had a little bit of fun editing with film filters for a few of these!


IMG_4011film IMG_4028-filmIMG_4057film IMG_4049filmIMG_4137filmIMG_4224filmIMG_4250filmIMG_4254filmIMG_4326

Last one! (insert squeal)




Good morning! Hopefully you’re holding a cup of coffee and were able to sleep in a little bit! I thought, what better way to wake up then to this little guy? Graham is so adorable, and the first thing I noticed about him was how striking his eyes are! Sleeping really wasn’t something that he wanted to do at first, but eventually his daddy got him to sleep so we could move him around a little bit. Honestly, I don’t know which photos are my favorite. I love new baby sleeping photos, but his little face and expressions while awake could not have been sweeter! Happy Saturday!
How cute is this hat!?
None of us knew when babies start really smiling, but during our session Graham started to smile a little bit when he was being changed. We were determined to get some photos of this, and it finally worked! :)

The sweetest little face…

Thank you guys! :)


Now that the holidays are over I can finally get back to blogging! I worked really hard to get everyone their photos before Christmas, which meant lots of late nights and early mornings. I had a little over a week off with the kids after I finished editing, so I made up for my lack of sleep, and I ate really good food, and I enjoyed time with the family and friends that I hadn’t been able to see much of since the crazy photography season had started. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! And I’m so excited for all of the things this year will bring. I can’t wait to soon reveal to you a new website and brand. So stay tuned!
In November I did a maternity session with Megan! You may recognize her, because she was one of my first brides. I also went all through school with Megan, so documenting these huge milestones for her is so very special to me. She looked absolutely stunning, and our session was a lot of fun even though it was freezing!
Megan and Greg waited to find out the gender of their baby. And a few days before Christmas Gwen was born! She is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. And I was so happy when I arrived at their home a week later that they still wanted to incorporate the Christmas spirit! Megan and I talked a little at her maternity session about what to expect at the newborn session. I assured Megan that if we all remained calm and just let the baby decided when he/she was ready, we would have a great result. If the baby has to eat, feed it. If it needs to be changed, change it. And that’s exactly what happened. I always set aside a little extra time for newborn sessions because you never really know how the baby is going to react. We made sure that Gwen was made comfortable at all times, and she did wonderful. 
Megan and Greg are such wonderful parents. And I loved observing how close their bond is with one another and with Gwen. I can’t imagine anything bringing you any closer than that, and it is so sweet to watch.
I’m combining my maternity session and newborn session for this post! And I’m documenting Gwen’s first year of life, so get used to this beautiful face!
Introducing baby Gwen!
Baby facial expressions are the best.

Thank you guys!! Looking forward to Gwen’s six month photos!! xoxo

Baby Lucia!

Sweet baby Lucia is here! She is so tiny, and I loved watching her older sister, Juliana, interact with her. I think these two are going to be best buds as they grow older, and I’ve loved documenting this family as they’ve expanded. It’s hard to believe that not that long ago, I was photographing Juliana as a newborn. I really look forward to every single session, and find myself counting down the months until I see them again!

Juliana’s smile cracks me up! I love seeing those teeth!

Juliana isn’t quite old enough to hold Lucia, but she did a great job trying. She was so sweet.

I love this of Lindsay and Lucia…

And this one of Peter and Lucia…

See ya soon, baby girl!

Reagan | Newborn

So, Reagan is here! She’s the littlest thing I’ve ever seen and absolutely adorable! And, I discovered, sleeping just really isn’t here thing. I told Kara, though, I kind of loved how alert she was. Even though, it did feel like she was looking at me as if I was crazy most of the time, but I just loved the eye contact. Once again, I never got around to blogging Kara’s maternity photos, so I’m just giving you some extra goodness tonight! Looking back at her photos makes me feel thankful for this warm weather! Thank goodness! Enjoy!

Well, that 9 months is worth it, what a cutie!

So, big sister Carter was all about this session! Meaning, she wanted to be in front of my camera, not with Reagan, just by herself! Or, she wanted to play with my camera. Needless to say, this kid had my cracking up the entire time! I’ve actually been laughing while editing because every now and then you’ll see a little shadow. That’s my assistant. ;)

Congratulations Nathan, Kara, and Carter! See you in six months!

Parker | Newborn Session

Parker is such a little sweetie! And his red hair! I just couldn’t get enough! I’ve actually known Parker’s mom and dad since high school, so it was really great to observe them now as a family of three. :) It was hard to narrow it down, but here are just a few of my favorites from our session!

Parker’s great grandmother actually made him a few blankets, and she even sewed on a special tag. :)

Love these!

last one!

Thank you Parker, Debra, and Eric!

Baby Zoe! | Newborn Session

Oh sweet baby, Zoe! I just can’t get enough of her! On my birthday I was able to celebrate with a precious photo session with this little one. Nan is such an incredible mom. She’s even more amazing then I thought she would be, which honestly seemed unimaginable. Zoe is such a blessing, and I couldn’t feel more honored to  be a part of her life! Now, for the good stuff…

She was not excited about laying on her stomach, however, her mommy worked some magic for this awesome shot!

Her eyes melt my heart…

After one good bottle and some cuddling we were able to get these…

Last one!

Thank you Nannie and Zoe! Love you! xoxo

Amelia | Newborn Session

I love Amelia! She is one of the sweetest little babies I’ve ever met! I can’t believe how happy she is…almost always. I really enjoyed doing Rose’s maternity photos, so I was completely honored to capture Amelia as a newborn. It was so hard to narrow down these photos. While looking through them I squealed constantly and just wanted squeeze her! Enjoy!

Rose and Patrick, of course, had to dress her in some Auburn gear!

Last one!

Thank you guys so, so much! She’s a doll!