It felt pretty impossible to narrow down the photos from this session. Eloise is the cutest and sweetest little thing ever! She was also in the best mood! She seemed so happy on the bed, and the light was so pretty, so we didn’t move her much. Eloise is actually the cousin of Jenna, John, and Kaylee. And she currently lives in Paris! Luckily, this little family was able to make it home for the holidays to visit with everyone. I really enjoyed capturing the little moments she has with each parent also. Brenna is able to make her light up immediately, espeically when she sings to her. (The Itsy Bitsy Spider seems to be her favorite) And she just loves giggling and grabbing Jean-David’s face. It’s so sweet. Six months is the best!
Thank you guys! Hopefully we’ll see you guys soon! Crossing my fingers for one year photos! ;) xoxo

Jonah is one!

When the hurricane came, it pushed back quite a few of my sessions. And sweet Jonah’s session was one of them! I was so afraid that all of the beautiful colors would be gone, but luckily we found a few sweet spots. Not to mention, he’s the cutest thing ever! So, I don’t even think the scenery mattered much! Jonah is now one, and he has such a fun personality. We had to work hard (well, his dad did ;)) to get some smiles, but he did a great job. And I especially love all of the special photos with each parent. Amy informed me that Jonah was actually a preemie, and when we were leaving Stephen mentioned that he thought this photo session was probably the first time they just let him go wild and play. It warmed my heart, because understandably, I can see how it would be so hard to let go and not worry after going through something like that. Here are a few of my favorites!

 Love this!

Happy Birthday, Jonah!


If you follow my blog you’ve seen Zoe quite a few times. She’s my future niece and she’s gorgeous! This is her signature look and I have a good laugh each time I pick up my camera, because she automatically goes to this! This time, with Zoe being one, Nan and I thought it would be so fun to bring ¬† her favorite stool and walk around… Well, she sat on the stool for all of a second, and once she started running, she didn’t stop! It was pretty hilarious! She also has a snack in almost every photo. (dying of laughter as I typed that) Desperate times call for desperate measures. ;) I can’t wait to look back on these and remember the things we’d do to get some good photos out of Zoe. We didn’t have much sunlight, but we got some good ones, and then we brought her back and threw her on my bed. That’s where her personality really comes out! I’m excited to share these images! Enjoy!

The only stool photo you’ll see! ;)

Last one!
Love you, Zoe! xoxo

Chris, Melanie, Cameron, and a bump!

I’m so excited to share these photos from a family/maternity session I did last month! Cameron may be one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever met! And Melanie and Chris are expecting a second baby in January! How beautiful does Melanie look? I can’t wait to meet the new addition!

Thank you guys! See you soon! :)

Royce | 3 Months Old!

I had so much fun photographing this little boy! His fascial expressions were absolutely hilarious and he looks so wise. It was really fun seeing his personality come through these photos. I also love watching first time parents! Lissa and Ryan are so sweet, and they are just so in love with this little boy!

Last one!

Thank you guys SO much!

One big happy family!

I absolutely adored this family, and was very excited to photograph them again. Since their last photos they’ve expanded by two! Katie actually happens to be a very talented photographer herself, so she captures many sweet photos of everyone, but it was good to capture a few photos with her in it. :) Here are just a few of my favorites from our session at Silver Lake!

Last one!
Thank you guys! xoxo

Niederhausen Family | Arlington, VA

I love this family! I actually photographed Jennifer and Ray’s wedding last year, so I was absolutely thrilled to catch up with them and their twin boys, Tyler and Nathan! We met at the Air Force Memorial, and it was a really cool location to have the session at. Here are a few of my favorites from our evening together!

Thank you guys! xo

Reagan is six months old!

Time flies! Reagan is already six months old, and it feels like only a few weeks ago that I was taking her newborn photos! Big sister Carter still isn’t really into taking photos with her sister yet, but man did we all enjoy trying to bribe her in every way possible! That kid cracks me up! What’s cool is how different Reagan is from Carter. She so calm, and such an observer. She is the sweetest! The two girls are just beautiful and love photographing them. I’m crossing my fingers that at Reagan’s one year photos Carter is just going to LOVE taking photos with her sister! Here’s a few from our session!

Happy half birthday, Reagan! See you soon! xo

Maddy | One year!

I CANNOT believe that Maddy is one! It’s just so hard to believe. Time really does just fly by. She is now walking and on the move. She’s pretty much running… usually from my camera! Maddy only gave me a little be of time but luckily we were able to get a few good ones. I love having the honor of being able to watch her grow. Her momma has been my friend for years, and there’s nothing sweeter than watching your friends with their babies.

That’s a wrap!

Love you Maddy!

Baby Lucia!

Sweet baby Lucia is here! She is so tiny, and I loved watching her older sister, Juliana, interact with her. I think these two are going to be best buds as they grow older, and I’ve loved documenting this family as they’ve expanded. It’s hard to believe that not that long ago, I was photographing Juliana as a newborn. I really look forward to every single session, and find myself counting down the months until I see them again!

Juliana’s smile cracks me up! I love seeing those teeth!

Juliana isn’t quite old enough to hold Lucia, but she did a great job trying. She was so sweet.

I love this of Lindsay and Lucia…

And this one of Peter and Lucia…

See ya soon, baby girl!