Piper | Newborn

One of my best friends had a baby girl in April and I am still just so elated! Piper is absolutely beautiful, and I just loved watching Devin and Curt as parents. I loved every moment they shared as a family of three, but also watching each of them bond with Piper individually. She is just such a lucky little girl and I love her so much!



I was so happy to have a little mini session with Parker! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I was photographing him as a newborn. I cannot get over how calm and sweet he is! I loved watching these three interact and this stage is just so much fun! As a bonus, Parker’s grandparents (and friends of ours too!) live around the corner. So they came along to help get some smiles! It was just an all around fun session. Trying to pick favorites was just impossible! I give up! :)

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Eleanora | One!

I’ve photographed this family since their oldest, Royce, was just three months old! It has been such a joy to watch this family grow. At this point I walk into their home and feel just like an old friend. I can’t believe that Eleanora is already ONE! That went by so quickly! I’m so glad I was able to stop by right before her party to get some photos of her and her family. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

10 9131214151611One more because I just have to!


Javery Family | Stone Bridge Park, Manassas, VA

I absolutely loved meeting the Javery family at Stone Bridge this summer! This sweet family of four is beautiful inside and out. I really enjoyed watching each of them with one another. There was so much love, my heart could have exploded!

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Looking forward to seeing you all at the fall mini sessions!

Baby Brooklyn! | Haymarket, VA Family Session

I just adore this family! It was such an honor to photograph Devan and Drew’s wedding, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to photograph them now as a family of three! Brooklyn is the most beautiful baby, and I loved watching her interact with her mom and dad. Doesn’t Devan dress her in the sweetest outfits!? Here are just a few of my favorite photos! IMG_5080 2IMG_5215 2IMG_5197 2 IMG_5191 2IMG_5242 2IMG_5404 2IMG_5484 2IMG_5563 2IMG_5172 2IMG_5475 2

Zahra is six months old! | Reston Family Photographer

I cannot get enough of this sweetie pie! Six months, as I’ve mentioned a million times before, is one of my FAVORITE ages to photograph! Zahra is sitting up, smiling, giggling, and loves her older brother! I adore this family, and it’s been such a pleasure to photograph them each year and capture both Zaiden and Zahra’s milestones!

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Andres | One Year!

I absolutely adore this family! It’s been such a joy to watch these kiddos grow and I can’t believe Andres is already one! He is such a sweetheart! I love watching his sisters hug and kiss him, and I know he just can’t wait to start running after them!

andres01 andres09andres26 andres24 andres22 andres19 andres18andres28 andres32andres34andres39 andres37andres36andres38andres41 andres40andres09 (1)andres10 (1)andres70 andres67 andres61andres83andres84andres86andres88 andres79 andres00IMG_104 andres99

Dell | Six Months Old!

DellSixMonths01DellSixMonths16 DellSixMonths07DellSixMonths21 DellSixMonths19DellSixMonths55 DellSixMonths62 DellSixMonths51DellSixMonths36 DellSixMonths40DellSixMonths71DellSixMonths24Nate and I love this family so much! They’re such great friends of ours, and we fell in love with Dell the day he was born. It was so fun to capture him as a newborn, and I can’t believe how much he’s grown. His smiles are THE BEST (those teeth!!) and he’s such a little lover! I adore how much he lights up when his parents are around! And the feeling is clearly mutual. There’s a reason that I call this babe, “my little boyfriend.” Love you all! XO!

Lena | Six Months Old!

Lena04Lena09Lena12 1Lena26Lena29Lena35Lena71 Lena76Lena70 Lena68Lena47I just LOVE this family! And It’s been so fun to watch them grow! I can’t wait until the next session! XO!

Dell | Newborn Session

It has been so much fun for Nate and I to watch so many of our close friends and family have babies recently.  Jon, Kathleen, and Nate have been friends for many years, and I was just lucky enough to become a part of their friendship once Nate and I started dating. It’s been fun watching Jon and Kathleen’s journey and now they’re parents! Awesome ones at that! We were able to visit them a week after Dell was born and he’s everything you would expect and more! Sweet, snuggly, and has that amazing baby smell! I was obsessed with him. And I still squeal over every photo Kathleen sends or posts. He’s absolutely incredible. It seriously took everything in me not to blog 50 photos. Because believe me, I could have!

Nate and I arrived on a Saturday afternoon, so I took a few photos of him that evening…

IMG_3814IMG_3889 IMG_3921bw IMG_3943bwThe next morning I was able to capture Dell, in his AMAZING little hat from Shey Marie Designs, with his parents and his “brother.” I loved being able to see even more of his personality shine through. I had a little bit of fun editing with film filters for a few of these!


IMG_4011film IMG_4028-filmIMG_4057film IMG_4049filmIMG_4137filmIMG_4224filmIMG_4250filmIMG_4254filmIMG_4326

Last one! (insert squeal)