Lena | Six Months Old!

Lena04Lena09Lena12 1Lena26Lena29Lena35Lena71 Lena76Lena70 Lena68Lena47I just LOVE this family! And It’s been so fun to watch them grow! I can’t wait until the next session! XO!

Dell | Newborn Session

It has been so much fun for Nate and I to watch so many of our close friends and family have babies recently.  Jon, Kathleen, and Nate have been friends for many years, and I was just lucky enough to become a part of their friendship once Nate and I started dating. It’s been fun watching Jon and Kathleen’s journey and now they’re parents! Awesome ones at that! We were able to visit them a week after Dell was born and he’s everything you would expect and more! Sweet, snuggly, and has that amazing baby smell! I was obsessed with him. And I still squeal over every photo Kathleen sends or posts. He’s absolutely incredible. It seriously took everything in me not to blog 50 photos. Because believe me, I could have!

Nate and I arrived on a Saturday afternoon, so I took a few photos of him that evening…

IMG_3814IMG_3889 IMG_3921bw IMG_3943bwThe next morning I was able to capture Dell, in his AMAZING little hat from Shey Marie Designs, with his parents and his “brother.” I loved being able to see even more of his personality shine through. I had a little bit of fun editing with film filters for a few of these!


IMG_4011film IMG_4028-filmIMG_4057film IMG_4049filmIMG_4137filmIMG_4224filmIMG_4250filmIMG_4254filmIMG_4326

Last one! (insert squeal)




It felt pretty impossible to narrow down the photos from this session. Eloise is the cutest and sweetest little thing ever! She was also in the best mood! She seemed so happy on the bed, and the light was so pretty, so we didn’t move her much. Eloise is actually the cousin of Jenna, John, and Kaylee. And she currently lives in Paris! Luckily, this little family was able to make it home for the holidays to visit with everyone. I really enjoyed capturing the little moments she has with each parent also. Brenna is able to make her light up immediately, espeically when she sings to her. (The Itsy Bitsy Spider seems to be her favorite) And she just loves giggling and grabbing Jean-David’s face. It’s so sweet. Six months is the best!
Thank you guys! Hopefully we’ll see you guys soon! Crossing my fingers for one year photos! ;) xoxo

Jonah is one!

When the hurricane came, it pushed back quite a few of my sessions. And sweet Jonah’s session was one of them! I was so afraid that all of the beautiful colors would be gone, but luckily we found a few sweet spots. Not to mention, he’s the cutest thing ever! So, I don’t even think the scenery mattered much! Jonah is now one, and he has such a fun personality. We had to work hard (well, his dad did ;)) to get some smiles, but he did a great job. And I especially love all of the special photos with each parent. Amy informed me that Jonah was actually a preemie, and when we were leaving Stephen mentioned that he thought this photo session was probably the first time they just let him go wild and play. It warmed my heart, because understandably, I can see how it would be so hard to let go and not worry after going through something like that. Here are a few of my favorites!

 Love this!

Happy Birthday, Jonah!

Jung, Jean, and Evelyn! | Family Session

I was so happy to finally meet this family! After some planning we were able to work out a fall morning session. I forget how warm and beautiful morning light is! And this day did not disappoint. Evelyn is two and so shy and reserved, but I really loved watching her personality blossom throughout the session. Her mommy and daddy can make her laugh pretty easily, and after a while I even had her holding my hand and playing hide and seek with me! She’s so adorable! Enjoy!

At the end of our session we did just a few more of Jung and Jean. Evelyn was my assistant, and I love how this turned out. :)

The Robertson’s | Family Session

Last week I posted some photos of my future niece Zoe, but what’s even more cool is I’m not just gaining one niece, I’m gaining TWO. And I get THEE nephews! I’m so excited about that. Though they have felt that way for quite some time, it makes me smile so big when I think about it being official! Katie and I planned to do family photos a while ago. We met, and the weather could not have been more bizarre. The clouds rolled in and it was SO dark. I think we only had about 20 minutes of good light, anyway after having to reschedule a few times we were finally able to meet for a little bit! So, here are a few images from both sessions! Aren’t they the cutest family?

 I love this SO much!

Love you guys!


If you follow my blog you’ve seen Zoe quite a few times. She’s my future niece and she’s gorgeous! This is her signature look and I have a good laugh each time I pick up my camera, because she automatically goes to this! This time, with Zoe being one, Nan and I thought it would be so fun to bring   her favorite stool and walk around… Well, she sat on the stool for all of a second, and once she started running, she didn’t stop! It was pretty hilarious! She also has a snack in almost every photo. (dying of laughter as I typed that) Desperate times call for desperate measures. ;) I can’t wait to look back on these and remember the things we’d do to get some good photos out of Zoe. We didn’t have much sunlight, but we got some good ones, and then we brought her back and threw her on my bed. That’s where her personality really comes out! I’m excited to share these images! Enjoy!

The only stool photo you’ll see! ;)

Last one!
Love you, Zoe! xoxo

Chris, Melanie, Cameron, and a bump!

I’m so excited to share these photos from a family/maternity session I did last month! Cameron may be one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever met! And Melanie and Chris are expecting a second baby in January! How beautiful does Melanie look? I can’t wait to meet the new addition!

Thank you guys! See you soon! :)

Royce | 3 Months Old!

I had so much fun photographing this little boy! His fascial expressions were absolutely hilarious and he looks so wise. It was really fun seeing his personality come through these photos. I also love watching first time parents! Lissa and Ryan are so sweet, and they are just so in love with this little boy!

Last one!

Thank you guys SO much!

One big happy family!

I absolutely adored this family, and was very excited to photograph them again. Since their last photos they’ve expanded by two! Katie actually happens to be a very talented photographer herself, so she captures many sweet photos of everyone, but it was good to capture a few photos with her in it. :) Here are just a few of my favorites from our session at Silver Lake!

Last one!
Thank you guys! xoxo