Natalie and Patrick | Reston Engagement Session


We just arrived home from Key West after celebrating this beautiful couple! Our entire group of friends is still depressed that we had to leave the beautiful weather, beaches, and each other’s company. Natalie has been my best friend since I can remember. Celebrating her, standing by her side, and making a co-matron of honor speech … was just that, an honor. I love how Pat loves you, my friend. And I love how you’re the best version of yourself around him. You compliment each other so well and are an absolute joy to be around! Love you two!

We met at the Reston Town Center to take some engagement photos a month before their big day! Reston is is so meaningful to them. It’s where they currently live, and if you ever want to know why they love it so much, just ask Natalie. She probably has pamphlet designed and ready for you!

I could not get over how beautiful they both looked all night! They were a dream to photograph! Meanwhile, I was literally nine months pregnant, walking around in hideous, yet comfortable, shoes. Nate carrying all of my stuff! LOL! It was quite a scene! But best friends don’t let pregnancy stop them, and they end with a delicious dinner! I’d do it all over again! : ) Enjoy a couple of my favorites!


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Jessica and Brian | Great Falls Engagement

 I cannot wait for Jessica and Brian’s wedding next week at Bluemont Vineyards! They are such a sweet couple and I just know that it’s going to be lovely. We met up at Great Falls Park for their engagement session and it was right when everything had turned green and all of the flowers were starting to bloom. I was instantly excited when we arrived because Spring couldn’t have come fast enough this year.  I loved walking around the park and talking with them about their wedding plans. Engagement sessions are such an awesome time for me to get to know my couples even better, and I always appreciate that. Enjoy!

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Andrew and Kara | York, PA Engagement Session

I’ve been so anxious to post this session! Meet my cousin Andrew, and his sweet bride-to-be, Kara. It is such a wonderful feeling to watch people you love, family and friends, find love. I always knew that Andrew would find someone so special, because he is so special, but Kara completely exceeded my expectations. I loved observing the way that they love each other. And I am so thrilled, and honored, to capture their special day in October. I told him I’d do it on one condition… he had to play at my ceremony. :) I’m so happy that we get to share such a special time with one another! This next year is going to be so fun! It was actually pouring on my way to Pennsylvania, and I was so bummed. Luckily it stopped right as we were taking photos. Well, it still sprinkled off and on, but it gave us a gorgeous sky, and an awesome sunset! It felt impossible to narrow these down, but here are some of my favorites!
Last one! Seriously, how cute are they!?

Brittany and Adam | Engagement Session

Brittany and Adam are too cute for me! I actually went to high school with Brittany, so like I’ve said before, it’s so fun to reconnect with people. She has met such a great guy, and I loved watching them interact. They’re the perfect match! I’m looking forward to their wedding next September, I just know it’s going to be lovely! We met at a farm close to Adam’s sister’s house. And the sky was so crazy! It looked like it was going to pour at any moment, luckily it held off. The sun even peeked out for just a few. Enjoy!

Last one!

Thank you Brittany and Adam! Looking forward to next September!

Stephanie and Adam | Manassas, VA Engagement Session

I am so excited for Adam and Stephanie’s wedding this May at Bluemont Vineyard! They are such a lovely couple, and we had such gorgeous weather on the day of their engagement session. We started our session at Stone Bridge Park, and then we walked over to the Manassas Battlefield Park. It was fun listening to all of the things they’ve been able to check off of their wedding “to-do” list! I’m really looking forward to their big day!

Thank you Stephanie and Adam! I’ll see you in May!

Karen and Adam | Engagement Session

I am so excited to photograph Karen and Adam’s wedding next weekend! I actually went to high school with Adam, but it was such a pleasure to get to know Karen as well! They are both a lot of fun and we laughed the entire time. If this is any reflection of how their wedding day is going to be, I am thrilled! Karen actually used to work at Bristow Manor, and it was the perfect setting for our session!

Karen, you are gorgeous…

Adam is such a stud!

The light was incredible the entire session! I love these next two!

Karen wanted her ring, and Adam wanted his Skoal can, so we compromised ;)

Last one!

Thank you Adam and Karen! Can’t wait to celebrate next weekend!

Lauren and Shane | Great Falls, VA Engagement Session

I am SO excited about this couples wedding at Bluemont Vineyard in October! Lauren and Shane are so, so sweet. I mean, seriously…the sweetest. We loved walking around Great Falls Park talking about their wedding details. The love between these two is so apparent, and there’s nothing that I love more than when a couples positive energy can be felt by everyone around them. Lauren, was so excited the entire time. She even brought a few props for our session! (I love it when this happens!) Here are a few of my favorite photos…I use the term “few” loosely. They’re just too cute!

Thank you SO much Lauren and Shane! I’ll see you in October!

Jessica and Patrick | Engagement Session

A few weeks ago I photographed Jessica and Patrick. Though they haven’t set a date, and planning has only just begun, they really wanted to get some engagement photos. Jessica and Patrick are both incredibly kind, and it was really fun to capture their special relationship. We were able to take photos at Airlie, which is absolutely beautiful! Here are a few from our session!

Last one!
Thank you guys! Best of luck on your planning process!

Rebecca and William | Engagement

I am SO excited for Rebecca and Williams wedding! I honestly cannot wait. Rebecca and William are really trying to make their wedding day so personal. How much more personal can it get when you’re having it on the property that half of your family lives on? I actually met with this future bride and groom at the exact location of their wedding. It was so fun to explore the land…it was so beautiful. Rebecca’s late grandfather happened to be quite the collector as well, so there were so many different details…it was incredible.

I love the way that Rebecca and William love each other. They’re both so sweet and encouraging to one another. It was really a pleasure to hang out with them and hear about all of their plans! Enjoy!

Rebecca’s Grandfather passed away the week before our session. It has been a joint effort by the family to clear the property of the collectables in order to prepare for the wedding. William mentioned that this was the last car he moved.

Also included at their wedding, hot air balloons and airplanes! This is the airplane that William and Rebecca will be exiting in!

Last one!

Thank you William and Rebecca!

Jenelle and Patrick | Engagement Session

Many of you know that I’m a nanny, for three amazing kids. Well, if it weren’t for these two I wouldn’t have that wonderful job! Jenelle and Patrick are my employers, but more importantly they’re my friends. They’re actually getting married in July and I couldn’t be more excited for them! I’m actually one of Jenelle’s bridesmaids, so for the first time ever, I’m going to try to participate in a wedding, and photograph that. How? I’m not really sure. Luckily I’ll have some help from my girl, Ali Caudill. Patrick, Jenelle, and I met at Great Falls, it was absolutely beautiful. Here are a few of my favorites…
Last one!
Yay! Can’t wait for you wedding in July! Love you!