About Me


Photo by Ali Caudill

The most common question I’m asked is, “Did you always want to be a photographer?”  The answer, in it’s simplest form, is “No.” I’ve wanted to be so many things. I thought for a long time that I would probably be a teacher, I considered being a counselor for a while, and I ended up majoring in nursing when I first entered college.  After switching my major a few times, and switching schools, I ended up majoring in photography at The Art Institute of Washington, D.C.

One of my favorite childhood memories is my dad taping a white sheet to our basement wall and spending hours looking at slides of the photos he had taken. Most of his slides were of all of the beautiful places he had traveled, but a lot were of our family. In fact, his collection includes the only photos I’ve ever seen of my mom pregnant with me, and photos taken in the hospital just moments after I was born.  Throughout my life I played with his camera and watched intently as he showed me how to load film. However, I never in a million years would have thought I would end up turning something like photography into a career.

When I look at all of the things that I wanted to be, and all the things I still hope to become, it is very apparent what my true passion is; I love connecting with people. I love hearing your stories, and feeling your excitement for each milestone you reach.  I learn something new from every relationship I have, including the relationships I have with you as my clients. Photography is such a beautiful opportunity to connect with people that I may have otherwise never met. Having the ability to document all of your greatest moments is so much fun, and I feel so lucky every single day!

I currently live in Northern Virginia with my husband, Nate, and our two kids, Joella and Nash. I enjoy vacationing at the beach with my family, live music, and a good IPA. :)

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your upcoming wedding, your expanding family, or your family just as it is, complete.