Jay | One year!

In December we moved to an incredible neighborhood! We’re located in a cul-de-sac and literally all of our neighbors are families with small kids! So not only are we lucky, but our babies are SO lucky! We’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone and I was so honored when Rita asked if I’d take some photos of her family since Jay had just turned one! (He’s Nash’s future BFF because they’re going to be surrounded by girls!) I actually had been looking at a spot located right in the front of our neighborhood, so it was pretty incredible being able to just throw my hair up, and walk out the door! Looking forward to watching Jay, and his sweet big sister Genevieve, grow up!

JayOne005JayOne037 JayOne031JayOne049JayOne069JayOne063 JayOne062JayOne173JayOne136JayOne147JayOne157JayOne186JayOne080JayOne117

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