Dell | Six Months Old!

DellSixMonths01DellSixMonths16 DellSixMonths07DellSixMonths21 DellSixMonths19DellSixMonths55 DellSixMonths62 DellSixMonths51DellSixMonths36 DellSixMonths40DellSixMonths71DellSixMonths24Nate and I love this family so much! They’re such great friends of ours, and we fell in love with Dell the day he was born. It was so fun to capture him as a newborn, and I can’t believe how much he’s grown. His smiles are THE BEST (those teeth!!) and he’s such a little lover! I adore how much he lights up when his parents are around! And the feeling is clearly mutual. There’s a reason that I call this babe, “my little boyfriend.” Love you all! XO!

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