One year from today…

“I’ll be the protector of your heart, on the front lines of your guardian angels. We will build our love upon a rock. We will not fear but trust in times of danger. 

My soul, my soul, my soul can breathe in your love. I know, I know, I come alive in your touch and I won’t let go. It will take a lifetime to know all of the love I have to give you. 

And you my love will be my great companion. Through the storms our love will never rust. It will shine like the morning, and unveil a story, of something so much bigger than us. 

And when the darkness tries to shake us. There won’t be nothing that can break us, I won’t let go of what I promised you, my steady heart will follow through, find rest.”

Exactly one year from today, I will marry my love. I will walk down an aisle, lined with our friends and family, and I will stare into the eyes of a man who will never falter. A man who thinks I’m funny, who constantly reminds me that he thinks I’m beautiful inside and out, and a man that believes in me when I don’t believe in myself.


Thank you for always fighting for me…for always fighting for us…for this relationship. I feel like you and I can conquer the world together. Thank you for dreaming with me, and for laughing with me. I share with you what’s on my heart each day, and you never judge me. You only love me. 

Thank you for muting sports center so I can read you a paragraph from a book that makes me cry, for bringing me a glass of water to bed every night. And though you don’t put your dirty clothes in the hamper yet, you put them in a pile now. I think we’re heading in the right direction. And I love that you no longer argue with me over the thermostat. You just simply let me keep it where I want until I go to bed. And then, you quietly turn it down before you come up. Yes, I know. And then you turn it down even more when we leave in the morning. You’re really not that tricky, but I appreciate these little things.

Thank you for being my best bud. I love you more than you’ll ever know, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I could not be more honored to become your wife, and it really will take a lifetime to know all of the love I have to give you.

I love you, “baby face assassin” 



  1. Lauren, Nate has to be one of the luckiest guys on earth, aside from my husband, ya know :) You are constantly an up-lifter, a positive and real person. I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and love!

  2. You two belong together! I can’t wait to stand with you on your wedding day!! xoxo

  3. OOOOOOOHHHHH my goodness! This picture is gorgeous. Who took it and can I have one? Thanks for making me cry.

  4. Any man who is willing to mute Sports Center to listen to his girlfriend cry is a real man!

  5. I love you both so so so much! You are meant for each other and I am so honored to be part of the special day!

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