Andrew and Kara | York, PA Engagement Session

I’ve been so anxious to post this session! Meet my cousin Andrew, and his sweet bride-to-be, Kara. It is such a wonderful feeling to watch people you love, family and friends, find love. I always knew that Andrew would find someone so special, because he is so special, but Kara completely exceeded my expectations. I loved observing the way that they love each other. And I am so thrilled, and honored, to capture their special day in October. I told him I’d do it on one condition… he had to play at my ceremony. :) I’m so happy that we get to share such a special time with one another! This next year is going to be so fun! It was actually pouring on my way to Pennsylvania, and I was so bummed. Luckily it stopped right as we were taking photos. Well, it still sprinkled off and on, but it gave us a gorgeous sky, and an awesome sunset! It felt impossible to narrow these down, but here are some of my favorites!
Last one! Seriously, how cute are they!?


  1. These are so gorgeous. You always do outstanding work.

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