Karen and Adam | Engagement Session

I am so excited to photograph Karen and Adam’s wedding next weekend! I actually went to high school with Adam, but it was such a pleasure to get to know Karen as well! They are both a lot of fun and we laughed the entire time. If this is any reflection of how their wedding day is going to be, I am thrilled! Karen actually used to work at Bristow Manor, and it was the perfect setting for our session!

Karen, you are gorgeous…

Adam is such a stud!

The light was incredible the entire session! I love these next two!

Karen wanted her ring, and Adam wanted his Skoal can, so we compromised ;)

Last one!

Thank you Adam and Karen! Can’t wait to celebrate next weekend!


  1. Lauren, this whole session is gorgeous! I can’t get over the light! I tired to pick a favorite, but it’s just impossible. And she has the best style!

  2. Lauren! these are beautiful! what a cute couple!!

  3. oh, my! I love Karen’s style! Such a pretty lady! Great job capturing their joy. :)

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