Rebecca and William | Engagement

I am SO excited for Rebecca and Williams wedding! I honestly cannot wait. Rebecca and William are really trying to make their wedding day so personal. How much more personal can it get when you’re having it on the property that half of your family lives on? I actually met with this future bride and groom at the exact location of their wedding. It was so fun to explore the land…it was so beautiful. Rebecca’s late grandfather happened to be quite the collector as well, so there were so many different details…it was incredible.

I love the way that Rebecca and William love each other. They’re both so sweet and encouraging to one another. It was really a pleasure to hang out with them and hear about all of their plans! Enjoy!

Rebecca’s Grandfather passed away the week before our session. It has been a joint effort by the family to clear the property of the collectables in order to prepare for the wedding. William mentioned that this was the last car he moved.

Also included at their wedding, hot air balloons and airplanes! This is the airplane that William and Rebecca will be exiting in!

Last one!

Thank you William and Rebecca!


  1. beautiful session lauren!!! seriously the setting, the light, the couple looks so comfortable in front of the camera, awesome work!

  2. I love this session! The lighting is just gorgeous. Looks like it’s going to be such a fun wedding. :)

  3. Lauren, these are just simply stunning. Love the light and the setting :)

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